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Colombia Supremo

Colombia Supremo

Bio-Fairtrade coffee of 25 Ese 44mm pods

Pods weight: 7,5 g

Type: Bio-Fairtrade coffee in ESE 44mm pods

Packaging: Triple coupled barrier film under nitrogen.

Packaging:from 25 pods.


Our Colombia Supremo is produced by Villegas y Cia S.C.S., a family business, founded in 1988 in the city of Pereira, Risaralda. In the beginning, the company only sold coffee to the Colombian market. Since 2000 it has started exporting its product all over the world. always guaranteeing its customers a grain of absolute quality. This coffee is special and gives to the espressoa flowery fragrance with Gentiana’s hints, combining almonds and chocolate flavors. Medium acidity. Full and syrupy body.


Espresso Cappuccino Moka Filter Pod
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