Organic Coffee

  Organic coffee is the outcome of a cultivation in which only organic and non-chemical substances have been used.

An  organic coffee  is not grown with industrial fertilizers, but with the spontaneous ones of the soil or natural composts.  Consequently, it is protected from insects and other dangers, harmful to its growth, thanks to this natural defences, such as substances of animal or vegetable origin.

Unlike intensive cultivation, where the lands are often exploited without any scruple, in order to produce as much coffee as possible, extensive farming is carried out without the deforestation of the trees around the coffee plantations.  extensive farming is carried out without the deforestation of the trees around the coffee plantations.
In extensive agriculture, especially native trees and shrubs are replaced by other plants, which act as nourishment for the soil.

Exclusive plantations,  in this case only coffee crops without the presence of other vegetation, require a consistent supply of chemical substances, favouring the logic that privileges the quantity rather than the quality of the product.

Some extensive plantations, also known as coffee gardens,  consist of areas with a lot of vegetation with natural compounds, in which agronomic practices fully respect the environment.
With this type of crops, not only the environment is safeguarded and protected, but great dignity is also given to the work of organic coffee, of local farmers and producers, who must continually strive to find new technologies that progressively improve the techniques of cultivation, without giving in to chemicals.

Furthermore, coffee should in any case be organic in itself, since, apart from roasting with hot air, it does not undergo treatments like other foods, as it is made of a single ingredient and therefore not mixed with other substances.
Thus, organic coffee  respects the environment, it is practically "farm-to-table", tasty and with a great quality and aroma.

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