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EPOS CAFFE’ means excellence, respect for culture and innovation. Our mission is offering the highest quality coffee and our company is made up of people having a great passion and love for their work. We pay particular care and attention to every single stage of production. The careful selection of green coffees, the specific roast for every origin, the scrupulous preparation of the blends, the grinding and the packaging, give our coffee blends unique and constant characteristics over time. This drives us to educate the most attentive and demanding consumers to snatch the most noble characteristics of this charming drink.

Innovation leads to consumer education.

Since the early twentieth century the big coffee companies have always kept the final consumer totally uniformed. It happens by suppling the cheapest and poorest varieties of coffee without accounting the consumers
Therefore, by playing on a darker roast, they are able to hide the defects of the coffee, even enhancing the body (creaminess).. A more roasted coffee tends to be more bitter and creamy due to the greater amount of soluble fibres that can be eliminated. Only through knowledge we can develop a greater aptitude for drinking quality and pleasant coffee, besides healthier organoleptic characteristics.
Why Epos Caffè?
Conventional blends
Afrodite, Apollo, Ares, Efesto, Hermes, Zeus are available as coffee bean, ground coffee, ESE pods, and compatible capsules.
Our dealers are spread all over Italy and abroad.
Coffee shops
You can enjoy our coffee in numerous bars both in Italy and abroad.
In 2012 we started with the production of coffee pods. Only 2 traditional blends were roasted.
In 2013 the product range expanded to 4 blends. Efesto and Apollo were joined by the decaffeinated Aphrodite and Zeus, the king of 100% Arabica, Zeus.
In 2014 the same blends were also available in beans for bars. The fascinating world of HORECA could not fail to marry Epos quality.
In 2015 our brand began to expand also abroad. The market demanded two more blends that can meet the tastes of northern Europe and beyond. Ares and Hermes, respectively with 60% and 80% Arabica completed the range of our blends.
In 2016 we decided to get two important quality certifications: organic and Fairtrade certificates. The single-origin specialty coffees were produced in beans, ground and ESE pods, becoming part of our family.
In 2017 the capsule market was still growing fast. That is why we began the production of capsules, compatible with the most popular formats. We also decided to renew the packaging of beans. Many colors started to dress our products with unmistakable style.
In 2018 like good tailors, we started the private label production for important partners. The contract manufacturing intensified more and more and we decide to make important investments in high resolution printers and packaging machines for customized pods and capsules.
In 2019, colors are now part of our philosophy. They represent our soul and our ability to innovate and excite our customers. The packages of our pods and capsules were completely revised.
In 2020 the creation of videos and contents shared also on social networks and our youtube channel, helped us to spread our philosophy of total transparency towards the consumers. If quality is authentic, it must be handed over the consumer.
The Roastery
The attention to the production process makes Epos Caffè a leading brand in the sector. Therefore, the roast and transformation process of the beans is carried out respecting the parameters that better enhance the aroma of each origin—both Arabica and Robusta—to ensure a quality coffee.
We only select coffee plantations rich in biodiversity. In this way, we enhance the organoleptic characteristics of our coffee.
Coffee beans are thoroughly and singly selected. Only those with a certain size and with no defects are used in our blends.
The roasting process transforms the green coffee beans, making them aromatic and crunchy. Every Arabica and Robusta variety is roasted separately in order to enhance its aromas and intensity.
Creating a blend is like writing a new melody; only the right notes turn into music! The perfect combination of these elements and the ideal balance between taste and intensity can offer a magnificent experience to the senses.
Packaging is another key phase in the process. After the days needed for degassing, the coffee beans are ready for their bags with valve or to become ESE pods and capsules.
Are you an entrepreneur and would like to have
We produce coffees for third parties.
The Blends
Coffee is now a very popular beverage, appreciated and loved all over the world.
Who would not be conquered by an irresistible aroma, the fragrance of roasted coffee and a unique and strong taste?
Epos Caffè offers a wide range of conventional and Fairtrade organic coffees, ranging from the strongest to the most delicate blends.
Coffee beans
Ground coffee
ESE pods
Compatible capsules

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