CIAO Coffee machine

Ciao is the name of a great little espresso coffee machine by Spinel, available in both the 'capsule' and 'pod' version.

A well-made machine that will make you appreciate the quality of Epos Caffè® blends in the best possible way; colorful and easy to transport, it is ideal for both home and office, shops and creative corner coffee bars.

Thanks to their reduced wattage - which allows considerable savings in electricity consumption - the Ciao machine will prove to be useful ally in relaxing moments during the most intense business meetings.

The new patented Self-Cleaning Hydraulic System eliminates the issues associated with the formation of limescale in the coffee extraction system. The “close” central closure system guarantees great stability and allows an optimal sealing of the group and therefore a better infusion of the coffee.

In the capsule version, the Mechanical Loading and Automatic Ejection System allows an easy insertion of the capsule and its subsequent ejection, falling smoothly into the special used capsule collection tray.

The supporting frame in galvanized steel gives strength and prevents the formation of rust; the ABS side covers allow quick access to the internal components of the machine, facilitating its maintenance.

The integrated rise of base allows the use of any type of coffee cup.

The rear cover of the separated tank is transparent and it makes easier to check the water level - and comes with a magnet that fast-tracks the assembly.

Upon request, the Ciao coffee machine can be equipped with a Credit Coffee System, Energy Saving System and Electronic Kit.

Ciao can be purchased at all Epos Caffè® retailers.

Cofley and Ciao will be the protagonists of our European Coffee Tour, by which the Epos Caffè® blends will arrive to the offices of the most important European companies.

Stay tuned… For more information click here.

Data sheet

Wattage: 400-475W

Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz - 220 V / 60 Hz - 120 V / 60 Hz - 100 V / 60 Hz

Thermal control: fixed thermostat

Tank capacity: about 1 L

Capsule collection tray: 9 exhausted FAP capsules

Dimensions : (L x P x H) 140 x 330 x 300 mm

Weight: about 5 kg

Functions: 1 coffee at a time

Colors: red - white – dove gray - black

Quantity per pallet: 50 pieces

CIAO Coffee machine


Credit Coffee System: allows to check the number of extractions and block the machine when the preset number of supplies is reached.

Energy Saving System: turns the machine in stand-by mode after a predetermined time of non-use.

Electronic Kit: includes electronic thermostat (for adjusting the brewing temperature), timed dosing (for automatically adjusting the desired amount of coffee), Energy Saving System, Credit Coffee System.

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