Epos Caffè enters the world of coffee by choosing excellence, respect for culture and renewing the tradition. Our mission is to give back to the coffee the highest quality thanks to the professionalism, passion and wisdom of people who deeply love their work and to the care we devote to each stage of production, in order that the attentive and demanding consumer can discover forgotten flavors and traditions.
The careful selection of raw coffee, the roasting for individual types, the meticulous preparation of the blends, the grind and finally the correct packaging, give to our coffee an unmistakable and consistent aroma.
At the heart of our focus ​​is also the interest to buy only from those who pay particular attention to the economic, social and ecological sustainability of coffee, in compliance with the conditions of cultivation, since only by such attentions a good coffee can be made.

Epos Caffè wants to be the common ground of the Coffee Culture.


Our blends are composed of washed coffee with certification. This allows us to guarantee an excellent quality product, always distinguished by a truly unique taste and aroma.


Epos also represents the Made in Italy excellence in the production of single cup coffee pods, also offering to your business the opportunity of production activities, including personalization with your brand.